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So great!

A truly enjoyable game, it feels like the old days of video game with its live action video, but it is so well-done! The actress is really great and my wife and I are really into this story that allows us to play together as real detectives!!


Quite a compelling experience, as well as an original one. Just give it a try, you wont regret it.

Woud like to play but

all the game is upside down ( I have a rigid flip cover) Is there a solution. Thank you for your help!


Very absorbing story and great ui/controls.

Very addictive

This game is very addictive. I couldnt stop playing. But why isnt my former not published?

Unlike anything youve ever played!

You feel like an actual detective... You start the game knowing nothing and being like WTF... The more you play, the more the story unfolds and the more confusing the game gets. Its the ultimate detective role play! Great game!!!!

Very enjoyable.

Very unique game. Really absorbing, and with a "plot" with enough twists and ambiguity to really make you think. Even though the plot is revealed in a totally different way from a linear story. Very well acted. It is a short game- but a very memorable one.

Incredible game

Brilliant gameplay and amazing theme. More than 2 hours of engaging content . The only problem I found is the ability to search for the final story.

Been a WHILE since Ive been this engaged!

Wow. Just...wow. Brilliant game. Simply incredible idea that really is designed for players needing more than a run and gun, freemium, etc. I am quite happy this was a simple purchase, watch, think, and no, I havent solved it for myself yet! If youre a fan of Sherlock genres get this!!!

Innovative & interesting

If you like plot twists youll love this game. Itll get you thinking and wondering just what the real story is.


It was such an unreal experience. I had a note pad and was scratching out stuff that took me no where. You have to act like a real detective and once you finish the story, your mind will be blown. I could not believe this, great game. Ill recommend it to everyone who likes the mystery-type genre.

Something new

This game is completely innovative in that it uses video like never before. everybody who plays it will have a different experience in revealing the story. Its just amazing how it all plays out. what a simple interface. its such a creepy story... and I hope the creators continue to develop more content in this format its brilliant.

A Revelation

Her Story is wonderfully inventive, an experience.. I loved this so much I cant even express it properly! Viva is genius!!! Even the "ending" of Her Story was a treat, the beginning when it was fresh and curious.. a rare gem and one of my favourite mixed media artworks. The story, the way you experience it, the style of it, the sounds.. ohhh the keyclicks.. Dont read spoilers or tricks, do it your way, yourself.. no right way. Thank you for making this - make more and I will throw my money at you ;) xoxo

Watch videos, then what?

Could be a very interesting game, if there something more to do then watch videos.


Absolutely amazing. The writing and acting is incredible

Unique, thrilling, essential

Her Story is what games have needed more of for some time — a smart-as-a-whip, narrative focused game that uses its interface as its key narrative element to great effect. Will engross you for hours; as obsessively engaging as any great mystery.


Geez Ive been wanting to play this game for a while now and when I decide to buy it it takes me forever to just find it in the App Store! But its all good based on the other reviews it seems like its gonna be good

Horribly Boring

Dont know why all the good reviews... Nothing but short video clips to watch, and then no real conclusion to the end of the story. Wasted time that I cant have back.

Great story and premise with one major glaring flaw...

...That I figured out shortly early on, and then got lazy and used the flaw to figure out the story easily. It took the interest out of it, because before that, it was very intriguing to try to piece the story together... Ending was pretty anticlimactic however, so three stars for the flaw issue, and the ending. It is still worth potentially checking out though...

Great story hampered by overly minamalist game design

Ive got to admire this games ambition. The developer dared to do something original, and, in that sense, this game is a success. But for narrative-driven games to really work, they have to allow players to become emotionally invested in the characters and their situations, and I found that this game lacked the necessary breathing room. The acting is very good and carries real nuance. Its difficult for one person to carry a movie, play, etc., but Viva Seifert pulls it off. Unfortunately, the power or her performance is hindered by the clunky, excessively minimalist game mechanic. All you can do in this game, basically, is search for video clips using keywords. This type of minamalist design sometimes works in narrative-focused games, but, with Her Story, the lack of interactivity made it difficult for me to connect with the story. Interactivity can establish context: who am I and why am I watching old police interviews? You find out at the end of the game, but if you had been able to somehow uncover this context earlier, I feel it wouldve made for a more emotionally-engaging experience. I also found that being able to uncover clips in random order reduced the impact of story. I imagine that this was done to make the narrative more mysterious and open-ended. But it means that how the story unfolds for you depends on what keywords you enter. I learned the main twist pretty early on through a fluke search, and that interfered with the narrative tension for me. The story is well-written and fascinating. Its worth checking out if you can get past the game design..

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